Gecely Venditti Lima


Gecely was born in São Paulo (Brazil), where she started her ballet studies at the age of 4. At 10 years after being evaluated and recognized for her potential talent for the artistic career, she receives a scholarship from the master Halina Biernacka, Polish, living in Brazil.

At the age of 14 she joins the Ballet Society of São Paulo as a professional classical dancer, where she dances among others Giselle, Les Sylphides, Concerto Nº 5 by Mozart. At the age of 25 she joins the ballet company “Decamera” where she dances among other “Valsas Nobres e Sentimental ”and Ravel’s Scheme. Still with the Decamera Ballet, she accompanies the Russian dancer Goudounov on his tour of Brazil.

She took improvement classes with renowned teachers such as Bill Viscont, Karen Schuwartz, Ismael Guiser, Yoko Okada and already in Portugal with Sofia Neuparth, Sandra Correia and António Carallo during the summer courses at the Portuguese Superior School of Dance. In parallel to her artistic career, she taught for 25 years at her studio in São Paulo (Brazil).

Based in Portugal since 1998, the Gecely Dance Studio celebrates 23 years operating in Caldas da Rainha, always actively participating in artistic events in the region. After completing the CBTS (Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies), from the Royal Academy of Dance in London, Gecely Lima RAD RTS belongs to the staff of registered teachers and from 2012 the Gecely Dance Studio becomes an Approved Examination Center . This means that the exams of the Royal Academy of Dance method are carried out at the Gecely Dance Studio, in Caldas da Rainha, with the students having the possibility of receiving the certificate of international value through their approval.