Information about our styles of dance and syllabus.


Baby-Class is ideal for children aged three to five years old. At this age group the child’s movements are increasingly evolved, they are very active and like to run and jump.

With hour-long classes, the sense of space, attention span, observation and execution of movements are cultivated through music. In this way, coordination is developed in a relaxed way improving their interactions with their daily life.

The baby-class aims to awaken the interest in dance and rhythm while practicing ballet. In these first phases we aim to develop and stimulate movement, through playful play, creativity, rhythm and musicality as well as motor coordination and gradually introduce the technique of classical ballet, while always respecting the child’s physical development.


Grades 1 to 8 Syllabus

The Royal Academy of Dance believes in the importance of each student having a goal. Progress is measured by Exams or Assessments, open to all Grade or Majors students, offering them the challenge of demonstrating their understanding and knowledge of the practice.

Usually the first year is attended by children from the age of seven. Classical ballet gives excellent posture, a lot of elegance and delicacy, in addition to developing muscle and flexibility. Classical ballet is the basis for all styles of dance. Following the proper methodology, basic classical ballet movements are added with barbell and center exercises, which aim to develop and strengthen the leg muscles, body posture and motor coordination. The child also begins to learn Russian, Hungarian, Polish character / folk dance in the following years:

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8

The vocational Syllabus is aimed for boys and girls, over 11 years old, who wish to study Ballet more seriously, possibly with the intent in a career as a dancer or another career related to dance.


Vocational Grades

The RAD vocational syllabus provide an in-depth study of classical ballet, advancing the student’s technique, musicality and performance capabilities. The program introduces point work for girls. This highly focused and intensive practical training prepares students for a career in dance, or related fields. Vocational programs are suitable for students aged 11 and over. Students who wish to study for these exams must demonstrate maturity and technical aptitude to enable them to manage the demanding training.

  • Intermediate Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced Foundation
  • Advanced 1
  • Advanced 2
  • Solo Seal

Modern and Contemporary Dance

Modern dance allows dancers to express their feelings through dance and have freedom in their gestures and body movements, through fluid and expressive movements.